I am not a runner. Just so we clear that up from the beginning. My high school didn’t have track. Plus I have really flat feet. And there’s usually something good on TV to watch. Or a bag of Doritos calling my name. Or grass to watch grow. I mean, seriously, who runs for the fun of it?

But run I must. Left foot, right foot, left foot….remember to breathe. There’s supposed to be a form to this, right? I hope my new Asics are helping me run correctly. At least they are cute and shiny. Focus, Joanna, focus. Think about speed and endurance. It’s hot outside. Sweat is dripping, people are staring, a glass of something cold would be good about now. Must keep going. Focus on the goal. What would cause an otherwise sane person with a life to attempt something like this? It is ridiculous.

But then Sweet Baby James comes into my mind. The other day we were at our town park because he always wants to go outside and play. “Out, Mama, out!” he insists. But there’s nothing there for James to do. The creaky old swing set is rusted…and doesn’t even have a baby swing. The basketball court is crumbling, the softball field hasn’t been tended to in quite some time. No joke, that is the extent of West Side Park. Nothing more.

The kids in our neighborhood deserve better than that. My children deserve better than that. So here I go, attempting to run a 5.5 mile race, so that our neighborhood can have a park. With playground equipment. Imagine that.

If you agree, please check out the Thomasboro Neighborhood Watch Program website to find out how this group is trying to make our park a great place for the community. More importantly, find out how YOU can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!