In an attempt to A) blog more and B) be real, I present to you a little something called FAIL! Fridays. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, although you probably thought that I am the most perfect parent in the entire world (sarcasm is dripping here, in case you didn’t catch it), actually I mess up quite a bit. And not just in a “Oh, I forgot to starch that pair of jeans when I ironed every piece of laundry” kind of fail. I’m talking about failing on a bigger, much funnier scale.

Like the time when Sweet Baby James was 11 months old and I didn’t yet realize how long his arms were. The boy could reach things on the kitchen table that were not on the edge. Did I know this? Nope. So I left a (cold) cup of coffee on the table.

James picked it up, walked down the hall to the office where I was busy typing and talking on the cell phone. I turn around to see him chugging the coffee. So instead of being the rational, calm Mama who handles the situation well, I excitedly say “JAMES AARON!” which causes my child to throw the coffee cup across the room, meaning the rest of the coffee then had to be scrubbed out of my beige carpet.

And in case you are wondering, he did bounce of the walls and it was a nightmare to get him to sleep that night.