James has a baby doll. Her name is Baby. (Creative, yes?) He kisses Baby, hugs her, then spikes her on the ground like a football. When he gets ahold of a baby doll stroller, he races it around the house, complete with his own car noises. He also makes those same vroooom noises when he pretends to vacuum with my little pink vacuum (see above pic). He “cooks” in his play kitchen too.

Am I trying to turn him into a girl? No.
Do I think that boys and girls are brainwashed by society? No.

But that doesn’t mean I should discourage my son from being a good husband and father someday.

It’s natural for James to see his Daddy hold another baby at church and want to mimic that. In fact, sometimes he sees Daddy cook, do dishes, and surely he’s already picked up on the fact that Daddy is much better at organizing than Mama. It doesn’t diminish my role as the wife and mother in the relationship–in fact it often enhances it. Who isn’t a better person when she gets help or a much-needed break? (Can I hear an amen?) And it doesn’t mean my husband is less of a man. (Trust me, it’s sexy to watch my man’s muscles while he changes a light bulb or bends over to pick up a toy.)

So why would I insist that James ONLY play with trucks and tools? Certainly he plays with boy-ish toys, but while he’s learning about life, he’s going to mimic everything he sees around him. And that’s a pretty cool thing, IMHO.