My Sunday School class has begun to look at different issues in our culture today in an attempt to understand them in a more indepth way. We are taking controversial issues like homosexuality, abortion, seven day creationism vs. science, treatment of women, etc. and attempting to answer 4 questions:

1) What does our culture say about this issue?
2) What do non-Christians think that the “Christian” position is on the issue? Are Christians viewed in a positive or negative light because of it?
3) What do I think about the issue?
4) What does the Bible actually say?

The best part about this endeavor is that we are posting the topics on this blog and asking for both Christians and non-Christians to be VERY OPEN AND HONEST with their reactions to these questions. This week we are talking about tolerance. If you have a few moments, please check it out here and leave us a comment. We really want to know what YOU think and believe, it can even be very negative towards our way of thinking.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but just in case, here goes: Please don’t start a fight with other commenters. Respect the fact that we humans all have different opinions and beliefs.