Abraham Piper is encouraging his blogreaders to write on their own blogs why we appreciate our pastors. So here goes my attempt.

Pastor Scott has many great qualities, but the thing I appreciate the most about him is this:

He is who he is.

Sounds a bit zany, but the fact that he is himself is a big deal to me. Many pastors aren’t. They feel the need to put on their church face, pretend their lives are perfect, say all the right things, point fingers but never admit to their own sinful nature. That gets old. People like realness. (Can I hear an amen?)

In talking to a friend who is a former pastor of a non-denominational church, I discovered that Southern Baptists have a reputation for regarding their pastors as pope-like figures–people to respect out of fear and to address in a very formal way. That’s not Scott. Not in any way. In fact, if you know Scott for any length of time, you will probably joke around with him a lot. And if you decide to play basketball with Scott, expect the trash-talking to commence.

There is much more to be said about this, but I will end here for the sake of brevity. What do you appreciate about your pastor?