It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog. Baby James has 4 teeth and is quite mobile these days. Only 8 months old and already using his toys to balance himself as he walks laps around the living room.

Yesterday was an exciting day, not because of the election but because of all the good news we kept hearing. My sister found out she is having a boy! Yay! James can’t wait to have another boy cousin. Then I got an email from my cousin Sara to say she is engaged and getting married in Cancun! Woohoo! God is good.

Bad News/Good News

I’ve been very very busy these days, which has led to me making some dumb choices and having to live with the consequences. Without giving out TMI, this weekend I got a case of mastitis (which is an infection) because I went a very long time without nursing James on Saturday. It was a lot like having the flu–cold chills, shivering, feeling achy from head to toe. I’m recovering, but it is taking a really hard toll on my health. Please pray for healing.

On a more positive note, I did something this morning that I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl.

I wrote a book.

A children’s book, to be more precise. This week I will be busy with my camera shooting some pics (because I don’t draw) for the illustrations. After I copyright it, I promise to post it in some kind of format. Not sure that I will publish it for actual sales, but will personally publish it just as a way of fulfilling a dream of mine.