…is not even a TV show. It is the Marching Illini Assembly Hall Concert. Every year the Marching Illini put on a spectacular performance for the Champaign-Urbana community, and most of you reading this have never been. This was the second year for our family to attend (last year James attended in utero) and the band didn’t cease to amaze with their spectacular performance!

This is not only the best opportunity to get close up to your very own Marching Illini, but it is really great entertainment. Where else are you going to hear a saxophone section play “Bicycle Race” by Queen while the band director jumps on a bicycle and races a band member riding a tricycle? What other venue offers trumpets playing a James Bond medley, including a re-enactment of the movies by a student using a trumpet as a gun? How can you not feel awe-inspired by a drumline that is so pleasing to the ear and the eye? People wearing orange, singing “Hail to the Orange,” the lights show, a marching band playing Barenaked Ladies’ songs…what’s not to love?

Next year: Be there, or be square.