Reading the Bible has been an inconsistent struggle for me. If something isn’t in my face constantly with a big flashing sign that reads “URGENT!” then it doesn’t get done. I love to read, and I have many Bibles–I even keep one in James’ diaper bag. So why is it so hard to remember to read every day?

Faithfully I attend to reading my blogs every day via Google Reader. Each time someone makes a new post it waits for me on my home page until I read it, which is a bit like checking it off a list. Yay for lists! Abraham Piper posted a fantastic link to subscribe to reading the Bible every day through an RSS Feed (ie Google Reader). So this morning my blog reading time included 3 chapters of Isaiah and 1 chapter of Ephesians. If this continues every day, I will make it through the Bible in one year. Technology can be harnessed for good, yes?