You crack me up! I love everything–your chunky legs, sandy blonde hair (who knew it would change so much?), the way you pass your sippy cup from hand to hand as if that is a huge feat in and of itself, your two teeth coming in, blue/brown eyes, and the laughter that fills our home now. You have been so challenging to both Daddy and I. You used to bite Mama and never figure out how to nurse. Now you can’t stop nursing, you milk-addict, you. Some would call you a colicky or fussy baby because you have cried so much the first 6 months, but Mama chooses to call you her “high needs” baby like Dr. Sears says. You’ve made us better parents because you have demanded more from us.

It’s hard to believe you are crawling at 6.5 months. The way you stand up and take steps as Mama and Daddy hold your hands just blows my mind. Do you know that you are ahead of the curve? I know it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily grow up to be a rocket scientist (although, if you do, can you teach us some cool stuff?) but it is quite a wild ride to be a part of now. Other babies your age still look and act like babies. Sometimes it makes me wish you would stay little longer than you have, but other times I’m just happy to see you become more independent.

There are moments when tears form in my eyes because you make me so happy and proud. There are times when I can’t fathom life without you. You are a good and perfect gift from God, just as James 1:17 says. Inevitably, when you wake up for the fifth time at 4 am (which is an every night thing with you these days) I will beg you to go back to sleep and tell you how incredibly tired I am. This will be true, but some day I will miss those 4 am wakings. Some day there will be tears because Mama and Daddy didn’t cherish every single moment, even the very rough times. But no matter what you are going through, we will always love you and want you as our son.

With love,