Let’s face it–I say some really silly, incorrect things on a daily basis. An uncle of mine will never let me live down the time I told him that an event was happening on the 32nd of the month. (In my defense, I started to say 30th, then tried to switch to the 22nd, and it came out as the 32nd.) I frequently state facts and later realize they were incorrect or exaggerated. Wouldn’t it just be so handy to rewind and edit our daily lives, much like we backspace and delete the parts of blog posts that weren’t what we meant to say?

To get to the point, I am not voting for Senator Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election because I don’t agree with his policies. Or, rather, I agree with his policies even less than I agree with McCain’s. (According to VoteMatch, McCain and I agree 43% of the time and Obama and I agree a mere 3% of the time.) Obama is a very smart, well spoken man and it is ridiculous to attack him based on moments in time where he has mispoken or stuttered. Good grief people! Let’s talk about the direction our country is headed and how we should go about getting there. Let’s talk about character and morals, finances and reform, sanctity of life and the things that matter to us. Please base your voting decision on these things and how you feel about them, not based on empty rhetoric or ability to speak smoothly and perfectly 24/7.

*Note: My DH has gotten me thoroughly interested in politics these days. Hopefully I have not bored all of you by my talks of politicians, policies and ideas. Expect them to continue, because this is all very relevant to our country, culture and lives. Cheers!