A very respected person in my life once discouraged me from telling a peer “thank you for doing your job well” on the basis that you shouldn’t praise people for doing something they are supposed to do anyway. I wholeheartedly disagree. In fact, today I am recognizing just a few of the many people around me who are doing their jobs well, and even going above and beyond.

On a recent shopping trip, we were THRILLED to discover that Best Buy in Champaign is now providing a parking space up front for families with infants. Thanks Best Buy! You will receive our business, even if you do cost more than Circuit City.

My sister in Christ, Michelle, does it all. She holds me accountable, cracks me up, motivates me to exercise and even babysits my son so I can get a couple hours of me time each week. What an awesome friend and big sister! (Just don’t sing Friends are Friends Forever again or I’ll barf.)

The neighborhood that we are apart of is one that even Mr. Rodgers would envy. It thrills me to take a walk with my husband and see neighbors who turn around to walk with us and chat. Or to step across the street to join a 7 year old and 4 year old in a game of baseball while the “men-folk” play catch and talk about work. And to know that our retired neighbors are sitting on their porches watching out for all of us (and watching out for our houses!) even when we are too busy to notice.

Perhaps the most important person to recognize (although there are numerous others who aren’t being mentioned but are thought of daily) is my awesome husband, Toby. Some days he brings the bacon home, fries it up in a skillet, serves it on a platter and still manages to shower his affection upon his wife and baby. Recovering from giving birth and raising a high needs baby has been such a struggle for me, but Toby has been amazing through it all.

Who has done their job well in your life lately? Don’t forget to tell them “thank you” for doing what they are supposed to be doing!