My son turned 5 months old yesterday and I am 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Yahoo!!

My mother reached her pre-pregnancy weight just 6 weeks after giving birth (without exercising, might I add). So imagine my disappointment when I had an extra 12 lbs when James was 6 weeks old. On the opposite end of the scale, one of the moms in the mom and infant group I belong to was so psyched to just put on a pair of pre-preg jeans & zip them up when her child was 10 months old. Everyone in the group acted like this was an extraordinary accomplishment.

So here I am, excited that I’ve lost 9 lbs in 3.5 months. Sounds a little crazy maybe, but for a breastfeeding mom it is both difficult and dangerous to lose weight quickly. My friend Michelle has been a great help, as she is my Holy Yoga partner. My husband is indespinsable because he is my walking partner. Thanks to a challenge from Chase, today I started my 6 week journey to being able to do one hundred consecutive pushups. Who knows how buff I’ll be 6 weeks from now.