My 24th birthday occurred on 06.07.08. On this day a great man also passed away. His name was Mont Davis, Jr., but I called him Pa. He was my great uncle, but he was very much like a grandfather to me after the death of my own grandparents when I was very young. There are many memories of times we spent together, summers that I practically lived with him and “MaMa,” trips to McDonald’s when I was 4, and all the books he bought me from Barnes and Noble when I was a preteen who adored reading.

He was a very well educated man who loved to share his knowledge with others. He worked in education for many years and served as the superintendent of the schools that he loved so much. The stories he told and the history he shared with me are invaluable. I miss him already and count myself so fortunate to have a picture taken just a month ago of Pa, MaMa and James in my scrapbook.