1. I wouldn’t have spit up on my black shirt right now.
2. Instead of blogging, I would be doing something productive right now, like working.
3. I wouldn’t have a snuggle buddy in my arms today.
4. I wouldn’t have to wash my comforter because it is drenched in baby pee.
5. My day wouldn’t revolve around someone’s eating and pooping schedule.
6. I would get to shower every day.
7. Much fewer people would smile at me when I’m at the grocery store.
8. My house wouldn’t have nearly as much STUFF to clutter it up.
9. I couldn’t look at a miniature version of my husband anytime I wanted to.
10. My heart wouldn’t melt every few hours because of a precious laugh and beautiful smile. 🙂

*This post is inspired by my friend Amanda.